Transforming ideas into captivating brand experiences.

"I am a self-taught designer and consultant with over ten years of experience in the design industry. I am the founder and creative director of Art Szabo Creative, a design agency based in Kelowna, BC that specializes in branding and design for small and medium businesses. My approach to branding and design is comprehensive and multi-disciplined, using top-notch tools like WEBFLOW, ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE, AI and other NO-CODE tools to bring my clients' ultimate digital experiences to life.

As a musician with past experience touring, I brings a unique perspective to my work in branding and design. I have acted as Talent Buyer for some of Western Canada's best live music establishments, including the infamous Starlite Room in Edmonton, AB, where I helped bring the venue to the forefront of the music scene through my work and partnership with booking agencies, artists, and promotional techniques. My extensive involvement in the music industry has allowed me to develop a keen understanding of music culture and aesthetics, which I incorporate into my design work for clients.

Most recently, I have been involved in AI and prompt engineering for Promptbase, an online marketplace for people looking for custom prompts for text to image AI platforms such as chatGPT, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dalle 2. My multi-disciplined skill set allows me to bring brands from from flat to round, and from non-existent to real life. I am a problem solver and strategist, taking a holistic approach that incorporates multiple disciplines and mediums to create more immersive and engaging experiences for my clients' audiences & demographics."

Art Szabo

Design Industry

  • Graphic Design
  • WEB Design
  • project management
  • digital strategy
  • no-code tools & integrations
  • ai & prompt engineering

Music Industry

  • brand development & voice
  • Talent buying
  • music industry consulting
  • artist management
  • Booking
“Never innovate for the sake of innovation, but always seek out improvement and refinement. And above all, always be true to the client’s integral direction.”