Brand developer, artist manager, graphic designer, musician, entrepreneur.

For over a decade Art Szabo has been a professional enabler in the Canadian music scene & Independent Design Scene, empowering others to reach their goals and actualize their vision.

During this journey, Art became a critical member of The Starlite Room in Edmonton, Alberta and as the talent buyer helped raise its status as one of the best live venue establishments in Canada with a well-known reputation of fostering future acts. For over 10 years his role as a juror for FACTOR he has supported artists seeking funding from this private non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to the Canadian independent recording industry. And most recently in 2018, Art’s position on the host committee of Breakout West enabled him to bring the festival to Kelowna and achieve what is widely recognized as Breakout West’s most successful event to date.

Amid his ten years as the owner of Sfear Mgmt & Dsgn, Art also managed and uplifted artists such as Wise Youngblood, Frankie Mcqueen, and many others while specializing in online strategy and design for independent artists across Canada. His latest venture, Art Szabo Creative, combines lessons learned from two decades in management and promotion and offers an even broader palette of tools and solutions to his clients.

Beginning his formal studies in graphic design at NAIT, Art plunged headlong into touring across the continent as a lead singer - igniting a lifelong passion in the independent Canadian music industry. It was “living in that van, doing that tour” that would give him an insider’s perspective when managing bands or developing talent as a booking agent.

“Never innovate for the sake of innovation, but always seek out improvement and refinement. And above all, always be true to the client’s integral direction.”

As a self-taught multidisciplinarian, Art constantly strives to be on the bleeding edge of new technologies and platforms while tempering these innovations with practical application to real-world assessments of client’s needs.

When not researching the newest online trends or passionately creating digital composite art pieces, Art can be found hiking the trails in Kelowna while balancing life as a manager, innovator, father, and mentor.

These days, guitar practice is reserved for the enjoyment of his two loving children and two very patient cats.