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July 2020

Webflow · Illustrator CC · Photoshop CC · After Effects CC

The main problem to solve was maximum Exposure Online, Consistency of Branding & Steady development. We eventually settled on regular consistent flow of Design, Shows & Evolvement.

The band was in charge of posting on social media & making/recording the music. My job was to slowly, over a year develop an ecosystem of design to launch incrementally.

Things were going great and then of course COVID hit. So back on the train this fall. The boys have been working hard.

I was introduced to Art by a mutual contact for some bookings for gigs. I had heard about what he had done for other bands and was looking forward to working with him. Looking at his stuff, all I could think was man, this is as good as it gets! Being todays typical DIY musician, I have done most of my graphics and promo myself and learned a few things, but this was so pro, way beyond what I could do. Art now does everything for us – Logos and branding, promos, photos, all our video work... Its so great to have someone that can take your ideas and when they come to life, they are better than what you thought of. We’ve never looked so good!
John Buck
Band Leader ~ LIFE

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