Megan Freedman

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Megan Freedman Music
Graphic • Web • Video
May 2021

Webflow · Illustrator CC · Photoshop CC · After Effects CC

After one of my talks on the importance of establishing a brand & digital footprint, I met Liz and Megan. We hit it off and started talking about next steps. At that point her main pain point was she was a new artist. I set up photography, branding, logo and cover art design . Next once we had the assets we established on online home for her, I have been working with her since (that was years ago) on Video, Web and various other projects. Latest project was cover art for her latest single. It was a built as a composite piece using #D renders and stock photos, all centered around a main photo of the artist in this very unique looking chair/throne. Putting the whole piece together gives it this empty mansion type of feel with a Cherry Blossom tree right in the middle of this classy, upscale room.

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