The Mariner

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The Mariner
Branding • Graphic • Web
October 2020

Webflow • Illustrator CC • Premiere Pro CC

Working with Corbet Homes on this rebrand was a delight! The ladies were superb and knew what they wanted. The main problem was complete lack of digital presence: No website, no official logo. So in a way this project was a breath of fresh air because usually you have a new business with nothing or an established one with old designs. The Mariner was unique because it was established for decades with no branding.

We started with the logo design. They wanted something simple but authentic to the coastal location and history of The Mariner. Next the website was very meticulous, it needed to be minimalistic but functional and very navigation friendly. We wanted to show off the original beauty of the building as well and added a history page with authentic photos from "Back in the day". Also building in a custom backend with password access for the tenants for communication on events happening at or in the building.

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