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Dee Lake Resort

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Dee Lake Resort
July 2023
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Ongoing Monthly Retainer - Booking System complete with on deposit payments. SEO optimization for 2024


Dee Lake Resort is a heritage fishing resort located in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada. It offers a range of accommodation options including rustic cabins, lakeside cottages, lodges, and camping & RV spaces. The resort also houses amenities like a store and showers​.


The resort's website was over 12 years old, not mobile-friendly, and difficult to use. It lacked modern features and did not showcase the resort's offerings effectively.


A comprehensive website revamp was performed, which included a new, modern design using Webflow, complete with integrations and custom code. The website now features interactive 360-degree walkthroughs for each cabin and cottage at the lake, updated photos and videos, drone footage, and a custom booking system. An eCommerce platform was also integrated into the website, enhancing the resort's digital presence and usability​.


The new website is modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive. It provides detailed information about the resort and its offerings, along with interactive features that significantly enhance user experience. The custom booking system and eCommerce platform have streamlined the booking process and made it easier for customers to plan their stay at the resort. a 2 year project that enabled a partnership with Western Canada Drone Solutions and Iguide. We created a custom mapping solution complete with 360 views of the rentals that connected to each other in a one-of-a-kind comprehensive mapping experience

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"Art demonstrated what an overhaul could do for us.  His management of the project took us to places I never expected.  His use of photos and drone footage resulted in a simply awesome presentation.  I no longer spend my time answering questions in emails.  If you need something to improve your site and reduce your hands on unproductive time, Art will find a way.  Working with Art has been a distinct pleasure."

Bruce Williams

Dee Lake Resort / Owner & Operator