Kelowna, BC

Exotic Nails & Spa

Exotic Nails & Spa
Jan 2024
*Strategy no. is separate and represents the level of strategy I put in to any given project.
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This was a one-off project


In this detailed case study, I delve into the transformative journey of, a cherished local business facing significant digital and physical transitions. Initially hampered by an outdated website and inaccessible DNS and server infrastructure, my challenge wasn't just refreshing a digital presence but revitalizing a brand ready to relocate after three decades. Through a collaborative and engaging process, I crafted a new logo and developed a responsive, Webflow-powered website that reflects the brand's evolution and readiness for its next chapter. This case study highlights the intricacies of navigating technical hurdles, the creative synergy in logo design, and the strategic approach to web development, all while transitioning to a brand-new location. Working with Exotic Nails and Spa was an exceptional experience, marked by their thoroughness and cool spirit, making this project a standout in the realm of web and brand rejuvenation.


Beginning anew posed the primary challenge of conveying the reality that nothing could be salvaged from the previous site. The focus shifted towards preserving as much SEO value as possible, despite lacking any access to DNS or servers. This task required innovative strategies and clear communication to ensure understanding and set realistic expectations for moving forward.


To address this challenge, I embarked on a comprehensive strategy focused on minimizing the SEO impact of transitioning to a new website without access to the original DNS or servers. This involved conducting thorough keyword research to identify and incorporate high-ranking terms related to their business, ensuring the new site was optimized from the start. I also implemented a robust content strategy that mirrored the thematic elements of the old site to maintain topical relevance and authority. Additionally, I utilized Webflow's dynamic SEO tools to fine-tune every aspect of the site's metadata, URLs, and on-page optimization. Throughout this process, I maintained open lines of communication with the client, educating them on best practices and the importance of these steps in preserving their online presence. The result was a seamless transition to a new, responsive website that retained its SEO strength and set the foundation for future growth.


Since the launch, they've experienced a full booking schedule, and the feedback on their new web presence has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have expressed a notable preference for the modern, responsive design over the previous site, which was outdated and lacked dynamism.

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Art was essential in helping us move forward. His work is above and beyond.