Kelowna, BC


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Updates & What's Next:

Currently, we are focusing on updating product photography and color grading to enhance the online presence of the brand. We are also working on strategies for social marketing to further boost the brand's visibility and reach.


Leafline is a modern Canadian company that specializes in cannabis products. Their wide product range includes various strains of cannabis, edibles, CBD products, pre-rolls, and more.

They strive to enhance their customers' experience with their tagline "Better Your Burn"


The primary challenge was to create a logo that would be easily recognizable and appealing on merchandise. The design had to incorporate elements that symbolize both Canada and cannabis. Additionally, the website needed to be user-friendly, modern, and unique, reflecting the distinctiveness of the brand.


To meet these challenges, we designed a logo combining the iconic maple leaf with a marijuana leaf, instantly recognizable to every Canadian. The chosen color palette was green and gold, representing the company's association with nature and its premium quality. For the website, a modern design with a unique layout was implemented. We also provided continuous support in the form of WooCommerce maintenance, social marketing, and eCommerce strategy.


The outcome is a brand that stands out in the Canadian cannabis market with a striking logo and a sleek, user-friendly website. The eCommerce strategy has successfully enhanced the online shopping experience, and the brand is now well-positioned in its sector.

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