Kelowna, BC

Megan Freedman

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Megan Freedman
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Updates & What's Next:

We are still close but Megan is concentrating on married life in Ontario, so music is on pause for now...


Megan Freedman is a distinctively talented solo Americana-Country recording artist based in Kelowna, BC. Born and raised in Southern California, Megan's music reflects a blend of her heritage and passion for various music genres.

Her unique voice and natural vibrato have made her a recognizable figure in the music industry, attracting notable talents who wish to collaborate with her.


The primary challenge was establishing Megan as a new artist in the music industry. This involved creating a recognizable brand and digital footprint that would resonate with her target audience. Additionally, Megan's unconventional approach to her music—recording in a live room to recreate a 1970s sound—required a unique branding strategy that highlighted this unique selling proposition​.


I took a multi-pronged approach to address these challenges. First, we set up a comprehensive branding strategy that included a logo and cover art design. With the branding in place, we then focused on establishing an online presence for Megan. This involved the creation of a website that not only showcased Megan's music but also her persona as an artist. Over the years, we have worked on various projects, including video production and web development. Most recently, we designed the cover art for her latest single, composed of a composite piece using 3D renders and stock photos, all centered around a main photo of Megan seated in a unique chair, creating an empty mansion-like ambiance with a Cherry Blossom tree in the middle of a classy, upscale room.


The results have been outstanding. Megan has successfully built a unique brand that captures her distinctive style and passion for music. She has released three professional videos and her debut EP "Wild and Free." Two songs from this EP, "Chasing the Sun" and "Summer of Love," have charted on East Coast Indie Country stations, with "Summer of Love" hitting #1 on Indie Row Top 20 in February 2019

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