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March 2022
*Strategy no. is separate and represents the level of strategy I put in to any given project.
Updates & What's Next:

Ongoing Monthly Retainer - Currently, we are working on building Troy's podcast "The Scholomance Project", and I continue to create cover art for each episode and visual bites for social media. Additionally, I produce a bi-monthly newsletter and manage the creation of blogs, merchandise, websites, and events​. ***UPDATE just created a new off-brand called The Mystic Tye it is a brand that is centered around a new podcast dedicated to Freemasons and the craft. New website and logo brand.


Scholomance is a comprehensive platform created for students of the occult arts to aid in their exploration of esotericism.

Led by Troy, also known as "the Devil-Man", Scholomance provides resources for aspirants at all levels of attainment, from those newly curious to dedicated practitioners​​. This multiplatform endeavour encourages participants to think for themselves and promotes efficient ways of thought analysis.


The primary challenge for Scholomance was the vastness and complexity of the subject matter. Esotericism and occult arts span a broad range of topics and practices, and providing comprehensive and accessible resources to a diverse group of learners, from beginners to dedicated practitioners, was a significant task.


My work with Troy has been expansive and ongoing, covering a range of content creation and digital management tasks. We've developed podcasts, blogs, newsletters, merchandise, and 4 websites. Eachepisode includes engaging cover art, and visual bites for social media, all designed to engage the audience and promote the Scholomance Project. For the blog, we worked to create intriguing content that would draw in and educate readers about various aspects of esotericism and the occult​​.


The results have been an engaging and comprehensive multiplatform resource for students of the occult arts. From the podcasts to the websites, each piece of content adds to Scholomance's mission to provide resources for aspirants at all levels. This has enabled Scholomance to serve as a centralized hub for students of the occult arts.

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Great artwork and knowledge. Super helpful for planning and executing projects. Art is my go-to for web, posters, album covers, and logo stuff.

Troy Spreeuw

Scholomance / Owner