Edmonton, AB


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Feb 2022
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Updates & What's Next:

The collaboration with SOHO continues, with ongoing design work for new events and gigs to keep the venue's visual communication fresh and engaging.


SOHO is a vibrant restaurant and live music venue situated in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Celebrating the culture and pop history of one of the world's most famous neighborhoods, SOHO offers a diverse menu with a strong focus on authentic

New York 5 boroughs style pizza and Philly Cheesesteaks, aiming to create an inclusive space where everyone is welcome​


The challenges during the project were manifold. The client wished to create a unique brand voice and aesthetic that would seamlessly blend the restaurant's diverse offerings - from its food to its live music. Additionally, the restaurant wanted to establish itself as a top choice for authentic NY style pizza and as a prime venue for live music, which required a strong, engaging online presence.


To address these challenges, a complete brand was developed, including a distinct logo and brand voice. The website was designed with custom code and integrations to deliver a modern, user-friendly experience. The decor was also carefully curated, with custom-designed signage and pictures adorning the walls. Furthermore, a series of posters were created for various gigs and events, contributing to the lively atmosphere of the venue.


Two years post inception, SOHO has become one of the top restaurants in Edmonton for authentic NY style pizza and is renowned for its excellent live music offerings. The branding elements have resonated with the customers, creating a strong and recognizable identity for the restaurant.

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