Nanaimo, BC

Wise Youngblood

Premiere pro
After Effects
Wise Youngblood
February 2023
*Strategy no. is separate and represents the level of strategy I put in to any given project.
Updates & What's Next:

Slowly getting back into it with a few sold-out home town shows. More releases this summer and tour in the fall of 2023!


Starting my design journey with Wise Youngblood in 2017, I took on diverse roles in branding, web design, and media production. As their manager from 2019, I further honed my skills, aligning the band's high-energy persona with a distinctive visual narrative.

Despite the challenges, it's been a rewarding experience, contributing significantly to my growth as a designer​


Starting from scratch, Determining the bands demographic, branding voice and style


I am also a music industry professional with over a decade and a half of experience in booking, managing and branding artists so this knowledge helped me work with the band on this.


Over half a million spins on spotify and several tours later, the band is in full condition recovering from the pandemic. We anticipate big things in 2024 with new album and tour iminent.

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